Beckhoff a core player in one of the most dynamic technology regions in Europe

In parallel to the high-performance industry, a strong scientific landscape has emerged in OWL, with 16 universities and research institutes. The universities of Bielefeld, Paderborn and Ostwestfalen-Lippe are national leaders in selfoptimization, cognition and industrial automation.

These facts speak for themselves. Accordingly, it is not surprising that the region was selected as a “Leading-Edge Cluster” for intelligent technical systems (“it’s OWL”) during a national competition in Germany promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. As part of this cluster, OWL-based industry and science organizations intend to cooperate even closer than in the past in order to further strengthen OWL’s position as a dynamic and powerful region for commerce and science. The Leading-Edge Cluster status offers the opportunity to establish OWL as an internationally recognized center for high-tech products and stay ahead of the field among global competitors. “Moreover, new, attractive jobs in industry and science will emerge, which will further increase the concentration of high quality careers in OWL.”