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Experience Integrated Industry now.
With ready-to-use products for IoT and Industrie 4.0 from Beckhoff.

As the world’s leading industrial exhibition, Hannover Messe 2016 provides the premier platform for Industrie 4.0 and highlights the progress towards making “Integrated Industry” truly tangible. The Beckhoff presence in Hanover is in line with this year’s lead theme, “Discover Solutions” and can be found in several areas of the exhibition grounds, focusing on IoT and Industrie 4.0. You are cordially invited to visit the Beckhoff main booth in Hall 9 and explore our expanded Industrie 4.0 forum. Spanning 1,000 m², Beckhoff will demonstrate foundational technologies and ready-to-use products for the Smart Factory. TwinCAT Analytics records industrial data synchronously with the process cycle and serves as the basis for comprehensive analytics. TwinCAT IoT facilitates straightforward IoT connections that enable cloud-based data storage and services. In addition, visitors can see new Beckhoff innovations such as EtherCAT P and TwinCAT HMI, and witness the new generation in high-end measurement technology.

Industrie 4.0 from Beckhoff: Highlighted in four booths at Hannover Messe.

Industrie 4.0 from Beckhoff: Highlighted in four booths at Hannover Messe.

SAP: Hall 7, C04
Here the live demonstration focuses on the close integration of production processes with business management processes. The SAP Manufacturing Execution Suite directly communicates with the Beckhoff XTS, based on standardised sevices. Further information

Microsoft: Hall 7, C40
As a partner in the Microsoft booth, Beckhoff will present new IoT solutions, such as the easy and secure connection between the automation and field levels to the AzureTM Cloud.

Beckhoff: Hall 9, F06
“Discover Solutions”: In the Industrie 4.0 forum, visitors can discover ready-to-use products for analytics, big data and IoT communication and gain useful information from numerous live demonstrations.

it´s owl: Hall 16, A04
As part of the booth for the “it’s OWL” technology network, Beckhoff will demonstrate the current state of the BMBF-funded leading-edge cluster research projects “Scientific Automation” and “eXtreme Fast Automation”.

Experience Integrated Industry: The Industrie 4.0 forum at the Beckhoff booth

Predictive maintenance and machine optimisation:
In addition to error analysis and predictive maintenance, TwinCAT Analytics offers numerous ways to optimise energy efficiency and processes for machinery and plants.

Maximising production efficiency:
Alongside conventional control tasks, TwinCAT also supports applications such as big data, pattern recognition, condition monitoring and power monitoring, thus sustainably increasing production efficiency.

Efficient integration of cloud Services:
TwinCAT IoT supports standardised protocols for cloud communications and for sending push messages to smart devices. This makes it easy to integrate cloud services into machine engineering.

Experience Integrated Industry: The Industrie 4.0 forum at the Beckhoff booth
TwinCAT Analytics | TwinCAT IoT

Complete acquisition and analysis of process data: TwinCAT Analytics

The Smart Factory introduces many diverse requirements: Online and offline state analysis, predictive maintenance, pattern recognition, machine optimisation and long-term data archiving. This requires data capture to be as continuous as possible and in sync with the processing cycle. That is exactly why Beckhoff developed TwinCAT Analytics software. All process data can be provided as needed, either locally or as a cloud-based solution on a server, whether in your own corporate network or a public cloud. TwinCAT Analytics

Fast, standardised cloud communication: TwinCAT IoT

With its new TwinCAT IoT solution, Beckhoff supports standardised protocols for cloud communications and for sending push messages to smart devices. Quick and easy to configure, TwinCAT IoT provides a variety of functions for exchanging process data via widely-used communication protocols such as AMQP, MQTT, and OPC UA, and for accessing special data and communication services that belong either to public clouds or local systems. TwinCAT IoT

Fast, easy and expandable: TwinCAT HMI.

With TwinCAT HMI software, Beckhoff has ushered in the next generation of HMIs. Instead of using proprietary systems for engineering and communications, Beckhoff relies on IT standards such as Visual Studio® for engineering, HTML5 for design, plus TLS for secure communications. The user interface runs on any HTML5-enabled browser, regardless of operating system, resolution or display type. TwinCAT HMI

Simple, open, HTML5-based: TwinCAT HMI.
New generation of measurement technology: EL3751 multi-functional terminal

High-end measurement in the standard I/O system: EL3751 multi-functional terminal

With the EL3751 EtherCAT Terminal, Beckhoff unveils a new generation of high-precision I/O components for measurement technology. With 10,000 samples per second, a measurement accuracy of ±0.01% and 24-bit resolution, the EL3751 provides high-end measurement technology within the standard I/O system. It also offers long-term stability, flexible filter configuration (e.g. bandstop filter) and numerous parameterisation options for the measuring input range: U, I, R, DMS and RTD. EL3751

One Cable Automation for the field level: EtherCAT P.

EtherCAT P integrates EtherCAT communication and power supply for the system and peripherals into a single cable. In addition, EtherCAT P enables the transmission of power directly via the subscribers. The winning combination of high performance and flexibility, coupled with the unlimited choice of topologies inherent to EtherCAT, makes this one-cable solution the optimal bus system for sensors, actuators and measuring technology. EtherCAT P technology reduces hardware and installation costs, and minimises the machine footprint by reducing drag-chains and control cabinet size. EtherCAT P

One Cable Automation for the field level: EtherCAT P.

Industrie 4.0: Hanover and partner country USA in the global spotlight.

With PC-based Control, Beckhoff leads the convergence of Germany’s Industrie 4.0 technology with American IoT technology. From Google Glass to Azure™ Cloud, Beckhoff makes the latest IT developments available for industrial automation applications. Beckhoff’s close ties to the US tech industries have a long history, as the philosophy behind the company’s PC-based control architecture is founded on the use of global industry standards such as Microsoft operating systems and Intel processors. Alongside its close cooperation with American technology providers, Beckhoff has been represented by a subsidiary in the USA since 1999. A nationwide distribution network and 130 employees maximise the Beckhoff presence in the North American market.

Industrie 4.0: Hanover and partner country USA in the global spotlight.

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Efficient I/O and motion solutions for high-volume applications
EtherCAT plug-in modules provide compact drive technology


More computing power for small controllers
New CX81xx Embedded PC series


New Beckhoff "Azure™ Certified" I/O modules provide direct connectivity to the Microsoft cloud
Hannover Messe 2016: Beckhoff automation technology at the Microsoft booth, Hall 7, C40


EL3751 multi-function terminal: High-end measurement technology in the standard I/O system
EtherCAT I/O system: High-precision measurement technology integrated with standard control technology


TwinCAT 3: Enabler for plug-and-produce machines
Hannover Messe 2016: Beckhoff presents at SAP booth global standards for the smart factory


Simple, open and HTML5-based: TwinCAT HMI
Efficient user interface engineering directly in Visual Studio®



TwinCAT IoT: The fast, standardised route into the cloud
Efficient integration of data and communication services in the cloud


TwinCAT Analytics: Seamless recording and analysis of process and production data
Machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0 and IoT

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Hanover, Germany
25 – 29 April 2016
Hall 9, Booth F06

Site Plan Hannover Messe

Main information

Beckhoff main booth:

  • Hall 9, Booth F06

Beckhoff at partner booths:

  • EtherCAT Technology Group:
    Hall 9, Booth D18
  • Microsoft:
    Hall 7, Booth C40
  • OPC Foundation:
    Hall 9, Booth A11
  • OWL Pavilion:
    Hall 16, Booth A04
  • Profibus Nutzerorganisation:
    Hall 9, Booth D68
  • SAP:
    Hall 7, Booth C04

Opening hours:

Daily: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm