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Embedded PCs for industrial control tasks

Beckhoff Embedded PCs

The compact DIN rail PCs from the CX series unite with the various I/O modules to form a space-saving industrial controller in the control cabinet. Every user can find a suitable Embedded device in the Beckhoff range of Embedded products: tailored to budget, performance class and the complexity of the control task. Apart from the CPU, the individual devices from the CX series differ in the available system interfaces and power supply versions and can be plugged together as a modular control system according to the respective task. This way, different applications can be realised on the same hardware, for example a PLC and Motion Control system with DVI/USB interface, Windows Embedded CE or Windows Embedded Standard or a multimedia system (building automation) with Audio interface.

Beckhoff Industrial Motherboards

Thanks to proprietary BIOS and motherboard development, new technologies in the PC market can be implemented quickly for the customer in all performance classes of Industrial and Embedded PCs. Motherboards in all typical form factors are developed and manufactured in-house, so that it is also possible to react to customer-specific requirements. High-quality electronic components, selected according to guaranteed availability, not only make the “Made in Germany” motherboards robust and reliable, they also ensure their availability for at least five years. As far as the technical innovations permit, the design of the motherboards is compatible across generations and facilitates the upgrading of individual devices.


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Embedded PC CX

Embedded PC CX: With the CX series of Embedded PCs, Beckhoff has combined PC technology and modular I/O level to form a DIN rail unit in the control cabinet.

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