ET1810, ET1811, ET1812 EtherCAT IP core for Altera® FPGAs

ET1810, ET1811, ET1812 | EtherCAT IP core for Altera® FPGAs

The ET1811 quantity-based license for Altera® FPGAs offers manufacturers of small lots and development service providers the possibility of entering the world of EtherCAT development with low initial investment. For the development of an EtherCAT device, the ET1811 one-time kick-off charge is required, plus the ET1811-1000 royalty for 1,000 devices. The royalties for 1,000 devices must be paid in advance each time.

For development service providers only the ET1811 one-time kick-off charge will be required; the ET1811-0030 system integrator OEM license will be required for each customer implementation. The end customer will be required to pay the royalty license (ET1811-1000).

Configurable features ET1810, ET1811, ET1812
PHY interface 1…3 ports MII, 1…3 ports RGMII or 1…2 ports RMII
FMMUs 0…8
SYNC manager 0…8
Distributed clocks 0…2 SYNC outputs, 0…2 latch inputs (32/64 bit)
Process data interfaces 32 bit digital I/O, SPI, 8/16 bit asynchronous µC interface, Avalon interface, AMBA AXI3 interface, 64 bit general purpose I/O
Ordering information
Node-locked buy out license
ET1810 Node-locked license for using the EtherCAT IP core on one workstation. The license includes 1 year of maintenance and updates.
ET1810-0010 Extension of the node-locked Altera license (ET1810) for one additional workstation
ET1810-0020 One-year maintenance extension for node-locked license (ET1810)
Node-locked quantity-based license
ET1811 One-time kick-off charge for the node-locked quantity-based license for using the freely configurable EtherCAT IP cores on one workstation
ET1811-1000 Royalty for 1,000 devices, ET1811 required
ET1811-0020 One-year maintenance extension, ET1811 required
ET1811-0030 System integrator OEM license
Floating buy out license
ET1812 Floating buy out license for Altera FPGAs
ET1812-0010 Extension of the floating license (ET1812) for one additional workstation
ET1812-0020 One-year maintenance extension for floating license (ET1812)

Evaluation license (Open Core Plus IP)
Full-featured, time-limited version available. Please contact us.