EtherCAT Test Centers (ETCs)

Beckhoff Automation operates the official EtherCAT Test Centers (ETCs) in Germany and North America.

ETCs perform the official EtherCAT Conformance Test for EtherCAT slave devices according to the specifications defined by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG). Furthermore, ETCs assist you during preparation of the test and provide qualified feedback.

For requesting an EtherCAT Conformance Test please contact the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) first. A request form and further information about conformance are provided by ETG within the Conformance Section of the ETG website. When filling out the request form, make sure to choose your preferred ETC. ETG will then forward the request to the desired EtherCAT Test Center. We will then send out an offer to you automatically.

Additional info
Additional information as well as frequently asked questions about the conformance test are offered by ETG within the EtherCAT Conformance Guide.

For prices please contact the EtherCAT Test Center in Nuremberg (Germany) or Savage, MN (USA) directly.

Interoperability test and device donation
The interoperability test is performed in a heterogeneous network consisting of a variety of EtherCAT devices. The ETCs invite all vendors to donate their devices after the test so that they become a permanent part of the interoperability test system. In return, ETCs provide qualified feedback to the vendor (and only to the vendor) in case any issues come up. ETCs thus help to avoid costly service cases in the field. Additional information about the donation of devices are offered by ETG within the Device Donation Document.

Conformance Test Tool
The ETCs test with the current Conformance Test Version as specified by ETG.

Contact Germany
EtherCAT Test Center (ETC), Nuremberg
c/o Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
Ostendstr. 196
90482 Nuremberg, Germany

Phone: +49 911 – 54056 18
Fax: +49 911 – 54056 29

Contact North America
EtherCAT Test Center (ETC), Savage, MN
c/o Beckhoff Automation LLC
13130 Dakota Ave
Savage, MN 55378, USA

Phone: +1 – 952-428-7399