Individually configured and easily installed: the eXtendable Room Box.

The TwinCAT Building Automation software and the "eXtendable Room Box" together represent an integrated system that reduces engineering time for building automation solutions. TwinCAT Building Automation enables simple configuration of control functions and the automated composition of hardware modules in a single tool. The flexible and extendable "eXtendable Room Box" (XRB) from Beckhoff includes the freely selectable mounting box and the necessary Bus Terminal I/O. The user obtains, virtually by mouse-click, a fully configured box that can be wired in the building via plug-and-play. For technical planners and system integrators, this ensures minimal engineering costs coupled with the greatest possible freedom in design: maximum customisation of the completely prefabricated boxes is possible down to a quantity of one. 


TwinCAT Building Automation

TwinCAT Building Automation: Software package that covers all technical building automation services.

Bus Terminals

Bus Terminals: The open and fieldbus-neutral I/O system supports 400 signal types and more than 30 fieldbus systems. The head of the I/O station can be a Bus Coupler or an Embedded PC.

EtherCAT Terminals

EtherCAT Terminals: Modular I/O system with 100 Mbit communication down to the individual terminal. The head of the I/O station can be an EtherCAT Coupler or an Embedded PC.

Embedded PC CX

Embedded PC CX: DIN rail Industrial PCs combine PC technology and modular I/O level on a DIN rail unit in the control cabinet and are suitable for all performance control tasks.