Easy to configure: the XLS lighting solution for DALI 2
With the Lighting Solution, Beckhoff presents a lighting control solution that is easy to configure via Excel and simplifies all work steps from engineering to maintenance. All typical lighting controls are integrated, and the number of DALI lines is unlimited. LS is fully web- and HTML-capable, decentrally scalable and can be operated directly via panels. Fast functional changes, address changes, systems expansions or cross-DALI line groupings can be carried out without operating interruptions. Daylight-dependent human centric lighting concepts can also be implemented.



TF8050: The TC3 Lighting Solution offers simple commissioning of DALI lighting controllers.


KL6821: The DALI/DALI 2 multi-master and power supply terminal enables the connection of up to 64 DALI/DALI 2 slaves and 64 DALI input devices.


CP6606: Panel PC with ARM Cortex™-A8 |
7-inch “Economy” built-in Panel PC


CP6706: 7-inch “Economy” Panel PC |
Intel® Atom™ with up to four cores


CX9020: Compact high-performance controller with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU


CX5120: Fanless compact controller with single-core Atom™ CPU


CX5140: Fanless compact controller with quad-core Atom™ CPU