High-end measurement technology for PC-based control: the EtherCAT measurement modules

With its new ELM-series EtherCAT device family, Beckhoff is adding high-precision and high-speed technologies to its portfolio of measurement technology devices. These powerful EtherCAT modules open new doors in terms of time and measurement precision, synchronisation and especially long-term reliability that previously were only possible with cost-intensive specialised equipment introduced into integrated automation systems. As a result, Beckhoff offers a platform-wide measurement solution for existing PC- and EtherCAT-based control applications without performance losses through platform or system breaks. The product portfolio now spans from simple analog 12-bit terminals to high-precision, 24‑bit condition monitoring modules with a sampling rate of 50 ksamples/s.



ELM3xxx: with high-end measurement technology, ultra precise, fast and robust measurement modules will become an even more integrated part of PC-based control solutions.