C9900-E271 USB Extender 2.0 Tx module

C9900-E271 | USB Extender 2.0 Tx module

Larger distances than the USB specification of 5 m have to be bridged in machine construction and plant engineering. The C9900-E271 USB extender sends the USB 2.0 signal via a CAT5 cable up to 50 m to the CP29xx or CP39xx Control Panel or to the CU8851 USB Extended receiver, which converts the signal back to USB. Data rates of up to 480 Mbit /s can be transmitted. The C9900-E271 PCIe module is suitable for installation ex works into the Beckhoff CP62xx, C5210, C65xx and C6930 Industrial PCs.

C9900-E271 USB Extender 2.0 Tx module
  USB Extended 2.0 transmitter module
1 USB Extended 2.0 output with RJ45 socket for up to 50 m CAT 5 cable for connecting a Control Panel with DVI/USB Extended 2.0 interface CP29xx-0000 or CP39xx-0000
for ex factory mounting in PCs with Beckhoff PCIe module slot
USB transfer rate up to 480 Mbit/s according to USB 2.0