C9900-U332 Battery pack

C9900-U332 | Battery pack

Industrial PCs can be equipped with a 24 V power supply unit and an integrated UPS. The UPS supplies the PC with power if the mains power fails. This allows data to be saved on the hard disk or Flash, after which the PC can be shut down properly. A battery pack, which serves as the energy storage device, is mounted on a DIN rail outside the PC. With its rated capacity of 1.3 Ah, the very compact C9900-U332 24 V battery pack is designed for PCs with Intel® Atom™ processor.

C9900-U332 Battery pack
  battery pack for PCs with 24 V power supply with intergrated UPS
metal housing for mounting on norm rail TS35x15 2.3
24 V nominal voltage
1.3 Ah nominal capacity (20 h discharge)
two 12 V batteries in series connection
VRLA AGM Technology = valve regulated lead acid batteries with glass fiber mat inside the separator (VRLA = valve regulated lead acid, AGM = absorbed glass mat technology)
9 A fuse by PTC element
operating temperature 0…50 °C
weight 2.1 kg (4.63 lbs)
dimensions (W x H x D) 68.7 x 106.6 x 143.8 mm (4.2" x 2.8" x 5.66")
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C9900-U332-0010 battery pack for 24 V power supply with intergrated UPS C9900-U209 at PCs with Intel® Atom™ processor, external, for DIN rail mounting, 1.3 Ah, operating temperature 0…50 °C