Industrial PCs with 3½-inch motherboard CB3052 and CB3054

Industrial PCs with 3½-inch motherboard CB3052 and CB3054

The current Intel® chipset GS45 with ICH9M is available on two Beckhoff 3½-inch motherboards, since the Intel® processors are offered in two different designs that require different motherboards. The processor is permanently soldered to the CB3052, while the CB3054 with its processor socket allows the selection of further high-performance processors. An Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.26 GHz is already available on the CB3052. The Intel® Celeron® ULV 1.2 GHz is new. Its energy-efficient design achieves low heat emission, which allows the Celeron® ULV to be used in fanless Industrial PCs in ambient temperatures up to 55 °C. This processor is offered in the C6925-0010 control cabinet PC and in the CP62xx-xxxx-0035 series of Panel PCs, in each case without a fan.

The new CB3054 3½-inch motherboard is used in the CP62xx, CP72xx, C5210, C65xx, C6920 and C6930 Industrial PC series; in the basic configuration always with an Intel® Celeron® 1.9 GHz. Despite its very low price, the processor is equipped with two cores and therefore belongs to the highest performance class. The CB3054 motherboard achieves the highest clock rate with the Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.53 GHz.

The boards, which were developed by Beckhoff, feature a multitude of on-board interfaces, such as two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four COM ports and twelve USB ports. An additional DVI interface located internally on the motherboard enables the user to connect two separate high-resolution displays and thus to realise an extensive visualisation. A free Mini PCI slot allows the integration of fieldbus interfaces, such as PROFIBUS, CANopen or SERCOS.

Additionally, there is a PCIe interface on the motherboard. The PCI Express bus can be used both inside and outside the Industrial PC for PCIe plug-in cards and thanks to a PCIe-PCI bridge for PCI plug-in cards, too. The PCIe modules designed by Beckhoff are available in a particularly small design for the extension of the Industrial PCs. A C6930 with two FC9062 PCIe modules and an FC9151 Mini PCI card offers a total of seven gigabit Ethernet interfaces, two hard disks in a RAID configuration and a Core™2 Duo processor in a minimum space. This configuration is even offered without a fan in the C6525.

A PCIe module with the PCIe extension function extends the PCIe bus by up to seven metres and thus allows further plug-in card slots outside the Industrial PC in a separate housing, the Beckhoff slotbox.

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