FC1028 PCIe EtherCAT master card

FC1028 | PCIe EtherCAT master card

The FC1028 PCIe EtherCAT card can be used to integrate a PC as a master in an EtherCAT network. The card has 16 EtherCAT channels and a total of eight ix Industrial® type A connections. C9900-K921 adapter cables are required for the connection of EtherCAT devices.

Technical data FC1028
Fieldbus EtherCAT
Number of channels 16 EtherCAT channels
Connections 8 x ix Industrial™ type A
Type PCIe
Interface to the PC PCIe x4
Ordering information
FC1028 EtherCAT master card, 16 channels, PCI Express x4 bus
C9900-K921 Connecting cable ix industrial™ type A 10-pin plug to 2 x Cat.6 RJ45 connectors, 1 m Cat.6 cable, suitable for FC1028
EtherCAT For further EtherCAT products please see the system overview.