TwinCAT System Manager

I/O Connections and System Organization
All Field Buses and PC Interfaces

TwinCAT System Manager organizes the TwinCAT system

The TwinCAT System Manager is the configuration center for the system: Relationships are defined between the number of PLC systems, PLC system programs, configuration of axis control, and connected I/O channels.

The System Manager:

Openness: All standards

TwinCAT System Manager supports all distributed fieldbuses simultaneously. The System Manager is the only tool needed to configure the following fieldbuses:


System Manager - Properties

The System Manager represents the number and programs of the PLC systems, the configuration of axis regulation, and the connected I/O channels. It also organizes the data mapp-ings between the components.

The System Manager allows bit-based connections between server process images and I/O channels, and it manages tools which, for example, can continuously connect 100 channels with a single instruction. The connections can be moved by means of drag & drop.


Software connections

The TwinCAT I/O system can be used to cyclically exchange "inputs and outputs" from one task with "inputs and outputs" to another task, thus ensuring data consistency. The TwinCAT I/O system is variable-oriented, i. e. the smallest ad-dress-able and connectable unit is a variable at a bit level.

Online analysis

Online display assists startup and main-tenance at the fieldbus and process image levels of the server. TwinCAT System Manager generates address relationships (mappings) between tasks and I/O devices and provides high-performance online tools:

Uniform representation of diagnostic data is provided for all I/O devices.

Import/export functions

TwinCAT System Manager manages IEC-PLC projects and task variables. Import and export functions are available at all levels.