TS8040 | TwinCAT Building Automation

TwinCAT Building Automation is a software package that covers all technical building automation services. In addition to modules for conventional HVAC applications it also covers room automation including lighting, air-conditioning and shading. Essentially, the software package consists of three components:


TwinCAT BA PLC Libraries

The TwinCAT BA PLC libraries contain basic functions for control, signal processing, special mathematical functions, alarm processing and general system functions.


TwinCAT BA PLC Templates

TwinCAT BA PLC templates consist of ready-made TwinCAT program blocks for sensors, actuators, complete modules for system components and for entire heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system installations/plants.


TwinCAT BA Project Builder

The TwinCAT BA Project Builder is a configuration program for defining system components and assigning them to individual templates. Based on this information, the project files for TwinCAT PLC Control functions and the TwinCAT System Manager can be generated for each controller.

Technical data TS8040
Target system Windows 7/10, Windows CE
Min. TwinCAT level TwinCAT PLC
Ordering information
TS8040 software package covering all technical building automation services