TS8100 | TwinCAT Building Automation Framework

The TwinCAT Building Automation Framework includes a configuration program (TwinCAT Building Automation Manager) and a PLC library.

The PLC library is configured such that a complete application program with the main room automation functions is available, including lighting, shading, climate control, time switching functions, scene management, weather stations and energy consumption monitoring.

All actuators and sensors are registered in the TwinCAT Building Automation Manager, grouped together and linked with the Bus Terminals. The logical ordering of sensors to actuators is also done in the TwinCAT Building Automation Manager. From this information the configuration program generates and activates the I/O links for all devices entered in the system and writes all necessary parameters in the controller.

TS8100 | TwinCAT Building Automation Framework

Technical data TS8100
Target system Windows 7/10, Windows CE
Min. TwinCAT level TwinCAT PLC
Ordering information
TS8100 license for using the framework for development and commissioning of building automation applications