TX1270 | TwinCAT CNC

TX1270 | TwinCAT CNC

Complex tasks – new solutions

TwinCAT CNC offers complete CNC functionality as a pure PC-based software solution. TwinCAT CNC covers the complete range of classic CNC path control, including high-end systems for complex motion and kinematics requirements. The powerful, continuously evolving PC platform and the hard real-time base of the TwinCAT realtime kernel provide the foundation for the CNC software.


TwinCAT continuity

TwinCAT CNC is based on TwinCAT PLC, the IEC 61131-3 software PLC. If TwinCAT NC PTP is used as the basis; powerful motion functionality for positioning tasks is also available. Parts programming is carried out according to DIN 66025 using high-level language extensions. TwinCAT CNC expanded TwinCAT NC I with classic CNC features. Up to 64 interpolating axes and comprehensive coordinate and kinematic transformations are possible.


Open for I/O and drive systems

In the CNC world, TwinCAT CNC offers unique openness towards the I/O periphery and the drive system through the consistent utilisation of Fieldbus technology. A variety of I/O modules can be connected via all common fieldbus systems. The drive systems can be connected with the CNC via an analog/encoder interface or directly via a digital drive interface (e.g. EtherCAT, PROFIBUS DP/MC, SERCOS or Lightbus). This offers maximum openness and independence in the choice of I/O and drive systems for the user.


Versatile machining

The required axis and spindle functions, interpolation and feed functions, tool and help functions according to DIN 66025 with specific expansions are available for a variety of machining technologies (e.g. milling, drilling, handling, special machines).


Interpolation with 64 axes

Complex machining tasks often require path movements involving a large number of axes and spindles. TwinCAT CNC can operate with 64 axes/controlled spindles that can be distributed across up to 12 CNC channels. In a CNC channel, up to 32 axes can be interpolated simultaneously, enabling even the most difficult motion tasks to be solved.


HSC technology (high-speed cutting)

Advanced HSC cutting technology requires CNC control technology with optimised solutions for Motion Control in order to achieve optimum results in terms of processing time while at the same time offering maximum accuracy and workpiece surface quality.

The TwinCAT CNC HSC pack offers the following options:


Real-time transformations

Complex machine kinematics with difficult machining tasks require real-time transformations within the CNC for simple and flexible operation and programming. They are used, for example, for defining different coordinate systems within the machining process or for generating automatic compensating movements of rotary axes. A classic application is 5-axis machining.


As an option, TwinCAT CNC provides special CNC functions for this:

TX1270 | TwinCAT CNC | CNC configuration and diagnosticswith TwinCAT System Manager

CNC configuration and diagnostics
with TwinCAT System Manager

TX1270 | TwinCAT CNC | System operation for commissioning

System operation for commissioning

Technical data TX1270
PC hardware standard PC/IPC hardware, no extras
Operating systems version-dependent: Windows 7/10
Real-time Beckhoff real-time kernel as a component of TwinCAT
Runtime system CNC, including TwinCAT NC I, NC PTP and PLC
Number of axes/spindles 8 path axes/controlled spindles, max. of 64 axes/controlled spindles (optional), max. 12 channels (optional)
Axis types electrical servo-axes, analog/encoder interface via fieldbus (e.g. EtherCAT, Lightbus, PROFIBUS, CANopen), digital interface via fieldbus (EtherCAT, Lightbus, SERCOS interface, PROFIBUS DP/MC)
Interpreter functions subroutines and jumps, programmable loops, zero shifts, tool compensations, M and H functions, mathematical functions, programming of parameters/variables, user macros, spindle and help functions, tool functions
Geometry functions linear, circular, helical interpolation in the main planes and freely definable planes, max. 32 interpolating path axes per channel, look-ahead function
Axis functions coupling and gantry axis function, override, axis error and sag compensation, measuring functions
Programming DIN 66025 programming language with high-level language extension, access via function blocks for TwinCAT PLC according to IEC 61131-3
Operation automatic operation, manual operation (jog/inching), single block operation, referencing, block search, handwheel operation (motion/superposition)
Debugging online monitoring in the TwinCAT System Manager
I/O system EtherCAT, Lightbus, PROFIBUS DP/MC, Interbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS, Ethernet
Connectivity variable access via OPC, Beckhoff ADS OCX/DLL
Ordering information
TX1270 license for using the CNC path control software based on TwinCAT PLC or TwinCAT NC PTP
TS5220 expansion to a total of 64 axes/controlled spindles, of which a maximum of 32 can be path axes and a maximum of 12 can be controlled spindles
TS5230 1 further CNC channel, expandable to a maximum of 12 channels, channel synchronisation, axis transfer between channels
TS5240 transformation functionality (5-axis functionality), kinematics selection from kinematics library, RTCP function, TLC function, definition of various coordinate systems, linking/transition of coordinate systems
TS5250 velocity and acceleration control across blocks for optimum utilisation of axis dynamics for higher path velocities, maximum surface quality through smoothed dynamics, control of specified contour tolerances
TS5260 path programming via splines with programmable spline type, Akima spline, B-spline
TS5270 | TS5271 virtual TwinCAT CNC for simulation in a Windows environment