Factory calibration certificates for analog EtherCAT Terminals

Factory calibration certificates for analog EtherCAT Terminals

On this page you can download calibration certificates for Beckhoff I/O devices if stated as available for the corresponding device in the product data sheet/documentation. Devices with factory calibration can usually be identified by the name ending ”-0020”, e.g. EL3202-0020. A calibration certificate is assigned to an individual terminal/box and can be downloaded on the basis of the unique serial number. It documents the actual, momentary measurement error for each channel of the terminal at the time of production and contains important data on the environmental conditions and the testing device employed, the so-called normal.

Please enter the data of the device in question in the following form. If you would like to download several calibration certificates, please enter the corresponding range of serial numbers (no blank spaces allowed, a maximum of 10 certificates per download request).

Subsequently you will receive an e-mail with the requested certificates.

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