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CX1020 | Embedded PC series

Embedded PC with Intel® Celeron® M ULV CPU

The basic CX1020 CPU module has a 1 GHz Intel® CPU. The controller does not require a fan or other rotating components. In addition to the CPU and the chipset, the CX1020 module also contains the main memory, which is available in different sizes. The controller boots from the Compact Flash.

The basic configuration of the CX1020 includes a 128 MB Compact Flash card and two Ethernet RJ45 interfaces. These interfaces are connected to an internal switch and offer a simple option for creating a line topology without the need for additional Ethernet switches. All other CX family components can be connected via the PC/104 interface that is available on both sides. The passive cooling module is included in the scope of supply. The operating system can be Windows Embedded CE 6 or Windows Embedded Standard 2009. The TwinCAT 2 automation software transforms a CX1020 system into a powerful PLC and motion control system that can be operated with or without visualization. In contrast to the CX1010, the CX1020 can also be used for interpolating axis movements with TwinCAT 2 NC I.

Further system interfaces or fieldbus connections can be added to the basic CPU module. The CPU module requires a CX1100 type power supply module. All CX1500 fieldbus modules and all CX1100 power supplies from the CX series can be used in combination with the CX1020.

The Embedded PC CX1020 is also available as the ordering option CX1900-0320 with zero second level cache. Instead of the 1 GHz processor with 512 kB second level cache (L2), a less expensive variant of the processor without a second level cache (L2 = 0 kB) is used. Since the CX1900-0320 has the same 855GME chipset as the CX1020, none of the basic characteristics of the CX1020 are changed, apart from the slightly lower CPU power.

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