Beckhoff at OTC 2022

Barrier-free from zone 0 into the cloud: PC-based control



Integrated control systems from Beckhoff for oil, gas and petrochemicals

Discover the comprehensive automation platform for oil, gas and petrochemicals at Beckhoff booth 1262 during Offshore Technology Conference 2022. Perfectly suited to the explosion protection requirements of process environments, Control Panel displays rated for Zone 2/22 and intrinsically safe EtherCAT I/O terminals that can connect to sensors in Zone 0 are just some of the technologies Beckhoff will showcase. Cost-saving I/O solutions that connect HART and NAMUR devices to Beckhoff PC-based control architectures will also be on display.

Explore how to implement barrier-free control concepts from Zone 0 all the way to the cloud through advances in IoT. With a system-integrated approach to hardware and software, Beckhoff is uniquely positioned to help connect process equipment to higher-level systems for advanced measurement, condition monitoring and data analysis. PC-based control supports the horizontal and vertical integration of systems and processes in offshore energy and the process industry as a whole.

From Zone 0 into the cloud: barrier-free communication with PC-based control

PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology offers all the tools needed for the convergence of industrial automation and process automation. To accomplish this, ELX series EtherCAT Terminals enable direct connection of intrinsically safe field devices up to Zone 0/20 and Zone 1/21. Due to its flexibility and openness, PC-based control also provides the optimum foundation to implement networked production according to Industrie 4.0 and IoT concepts. Cloud communication can be easily established either via TwinCAT IoT software or via IoT Bus Couplers from Beckhoff.

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From standard I/Os to safety: intrinsically safe EtherCAT Terminals for hazardous areas

The exceptionally compact and intrinsically safe EtherCAT Terminals from the ELX series support direct connection of field devices up to Zone 0/20. These terminals, which are rated for use in Zone 2/22, combine a safety barrier with signal terminal functionality. Their large signal diversity enables the ELX terminals to optimize virtually any process technology application. In combination with TwinSAFE SC (Single Channel) technology, EtherCAT I/O offers compact solutions for applications that require intrinsically safe signal transmission and functional safety.

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TwinCAT/BSD: Alternative OS with support for virtual machines

Ideal for process applications, TwinCAT/BSD is a Unix-based operating system for Beckhoff machine controllers as alternative to Windows. The powerful, secure TwinCAT/BSD operating system offers all the benefits of a Beckhoff system, including multi-core processing capabilities and use of third-party software. The operating system runs concurrently with the powerful real-time TwinCAT automation platform on a single Beckhoff machine controller. With this TwinCAT/BSD OS extension, Beckhoff increases availability through integrated virtual machine environments and the ability to deploy multiple operating systems of different types, such as Linux and Windows.

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From passive displays to integrated PC options: the robust CPX series Ex panels

Multi-touch panels with an elegant, yet explosion-proof aluminum design are available for the process industry. The robust CPX series from Beckhoff offers a wide range of Control Panels and Panel PCs with an integrated CPU for use in Zone 2/22. Flexible mounting options, robust finish and capacitive touch technology optimize operation even in harsh environments.

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From data acquisition to HMI: one control platform with TwinCAT software

With TwinCAT software, Beckhoff offers an integrated control and engineering platform for automation and process technology. In addition to conventional PLC and motion control processes, it includes the HMI, secure cloud connection via TwinCAT IoT and cloud-based analysis functions via TwinCAT Analytics. For process engineering applications, TwinCAT integrates process industry protocols and interfaces such as NAMUR, HART and FDT/DTM. Support of OPC UA, MQTT and AMQP guarantees secure and vendor-independent data communication.



TwinCAT Analytics

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