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EPXxxxx | EtherCAT Box modules for the integration of intrinsically safe signals

Explosion protection with IP67 rating

With the IP67-protected EtherCAT Box modules in the EPX series, Beckhoff offers a compact acquisition option for intrinsically safe signals up to zone 0/20. The fully encapsulated modules in an industrial housing can be installed directly and decentrally in machines and systems, even in wet, dirty, or dusty environments, and can accommodate the connection of up to eight field devices. This facilitates reliable data acquisition in hazardous areas where control cabinets and terminal boxes cannot – and should not – be installed.

Further advantages include the previously required safety barriers no longer being necessary, which not only saves on space but also reduces costs. Connecting pre-assembled cables to the EtherCAT Box cuts down on installation and commissioning time and prevents wiring errors caused by incorrect contact assignments. What’s more, the concept of on-site signal acquisition also simplifies the modularity of plants.

Placing the EPX modules in an IP67-rated housing offers numerous advantages for applications with explosion protection requirements, both in processing plants and in discrete machine building applications. As EtherCAT devices, the EPX modules integrate into the overall system of PC-based control technology and enable the full use of all EtherCAT features, such as timestamp and cable redundancy.

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