Beckhoff at ATX West 2021

See XPlanar and Flying Motion live!

ATX West

Automation Technology Expo

Discover automation technology without limits from Beckhoff

Live trade shows are back! Beckhoff Automation invites you to attend ATX West 2021 – an automation technology show taking place August 10-12 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Visit booth 4515 to experience the North American trade show debut of XPlanar, the revolutionary Flying Motion system from Beckhoff, and the return of the eXtended Transport System (XTS).

With levitating movers and freely arrangeable motor tiles, XPlanar offers 6 degrees of freedom, replacing some tooling and robotics while moving products to only the necessary stations. The XTS enables fast, flexible changeovers via software and eliminates expensive mechanical components. As a result, this exciting mechatronic solution minimizes machine footprint and consumption of raw materials and energy. Alongside these mechatronics innovations, we will present our comprehensive portfolio of PC-based automation and EtherCAT solutions designed to enable Industrie 4.0 and IIoT concepts.

Beckhoff is excited to offer a promo code for 20% off registration at ATX West. To register, simply click here, follow the registration prompts and enter: MYGUEST.

XPlanar: secure an unbeatable competitive advantage with Flying Motion

As Industrie 4.0 takes hold, new adaptive manufacturing technologies are necessary to meet new demands. Increases in customization and lot-size-1 orders require flexibility and greater traceability. With automatic collision avoidance, path planning, anti-slosh, 360-degree rotation and more, the system enables true lot-size-1 production for packaging, pharma and many other applications. XPlanar tiles can be covered with stainless steel, plastic or glass surfaces in clean-room or washdown environments.


XTS: maximum flexibility enables changeovers on the fly

Combining the advantages of linear and rotary motion, the XTS from Beckhoff transports products individually and highly dynamically to individual processing stations. The groundbreaking mechatronic solution enables flexible production with processing down to lot size 1 and machine footprint reductions of up to 50% by eliminating many outdated mechanical components. Product and format changes can occur instantly during operation using the powerful TwinCAT automation software.


Highly efficient manufacturing with TwinCAT Vision

With this system-integrated vision platform, Beckhoff adds image processing capabilities directly into the standard PC-based controller. Track-and-trace, high-precision measurement and precise visual inspection increase efficiency and quality while consolidating hardware. The familiar Visual Studio environment allows controls engineers to tackle previously specialized machine vision technology, eliminating the need to hire outside experts to program or troubleshoot.

TwinCAT Vision

Distributed drive technology eliminates enclosures

AMP8000 distributed servo drives combine the proven AM8000 servomotors with an integrated, highly efficient servo drive for mounting directly on machines. Innovative power electronics with cold switch technology limit power losses to unprecedentedly low levels. At the same time, the mounting space required for motors and drives is reduced to an absolute minimum. The motor remains attachment-compatible and achieves almost the same performance as comparable motor/servo drive combinations without integrated power electronics.

Optimal multi-channel drive solutions can be built using the established AX8000 multi-axis servo system. The required number of single or 2-channel axis modules is connected to the central power supply module or the combined supply and axis module.



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