Technical and Application Engineer

Headquarters Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)
Beckhoff Automation Co., Ltd.
As soon as possible


  • Support of customers in planning automated systems for their machines and plants and writing of programs.
  • Assisting customers in solving problems concerning the application of products such as IPC/IO/Drive (hardware) and TwinCAT (software), providing them with application examples or documentation and instructing clients how to use these products.
  • Compliance with the company’s product development strategy and ability to self-study and to promote the products independently.
  • Assisting customers in carrying out product or system tests, adjusting or calibrating machinery and in troubleshooting on site.
  • Direct international communication and contacts regarding product applications and functions.
  • Providing training to the customers.
  • Preparing technical manuals and videos about the products.


  • Education background: specialized degree in fields such as electronics/electrical engineering/machinery/information engineering.
  • Enthusiasm, discipline, high level of logical thinking, creativity, open and frank attitude, willingness to learn, resilience etc.
  • Familiarity with PLC and IEC 61131-3 and relevant practical programming experience is a plus
  • Familiarity with at least one programming language from Visual Studio C/C++/C#
  • Development experience with optical recognition applications is a plus
  • On-site PLC testing experience is a plus
  • Development experience with the integration of different machines is a great plus
  • Experience with the integration of mechatronics systems is a plus
  • Applicants with practical experience with CoDeSys related IEC programming software will be prioritized for recruitment.

Mr. Kevin Chuang
Headquarters Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)
Beckhoff Automation Co., Ltd.
No.38-2 Yongchun Road
Nantun District
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)