Nov 28, 2017

System-integrated solution for explosion protection requirements

System-integrated solution for explosion protection requirements

Beckhoff offers a system-integrated solution for explosion protection with the addition of a new and extensive portfolio of explosion-proof components. These solutions enable barrier-free concepts through to Zone 0/20. In addition to the Control Panels and Panel PCs in the CPX series, Beckhoff has also introduced the new ELX series EtherCAT Terminals with intrinsically safe interfaces for field device connection through to Ex Zone 0/20, as well as TwinCAT control software with numerous interfaces specific to process technology.

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Ex Control Panel

The Control Panel series CPX29xx and CPX39xx offer multi-touch technology for distances of up to 100 meters for use in Zone 2/22.

Ex Panel PCs

The CPX27xx and CPX37xx Panel PC series for use in Zone 2/22 offer multi-touch technology and multi-core performance.

ELX EtherCAT Terminals (Ex i)

The EtherCAT Terminals from the ELX series with intrinsically safe inputs/outputs enable the connection of field devices up to zone 0/20.


Use our I/O components to implement simple or complex applications with EtherCAT and other common fieldbus systems.