Sep 21, 2017


The XTS linear transport system in hygienic design enables completely new, highly flexible machine concepts for the beverage industry. Together with the stainless steel Panels, I/O modules and servomotors, it provides an all-stainless steel control system for filling plants. In conjunction with our technologies for cloud-based automation, users can realise technological advances and optimised efficiency in production including lot size 1 manufacturing, product personalisation and maximised system availability.

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XTS in “Hygienic Design” for compact and highly flexible motion solutions with optimal cleanability

XTS Hygienic, the stainless steel version of the eXtended Transport System from Beckhoff, opens up a wide spectrum of new applications, first and foremost in the primary food and pharmaceutical industries and for processing and filling liquids in general. Enabling optimal cleanability with the high protection rating of IP 69K, very good chemical resistance and without any hidden corners, edges or undercuts, the version in Hygienic Design offers a lot of potential for innovation in these industries. The advantages of the standard system as a highly flexible motion solution are combined with ease of cleaning, thus enabling process optimisations and maximum production line availability even when the demands made on hygiene are high.

XTS | Linear product transport

As an intelligent transport system, the eXtended Transport System enables flexible motion profiles and new types of machine concept.


Our innovative drive technologies give you almost unlimited capabilities when it comes to realizing your application.

Packaging machines

PC-based control solutions from Beckhoff significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of packaging machines and decrease resource consumption.

Food industry

Open automation solutions for the food industry