May 9, 2016

EtherCAT P

EtherCAT P | Ultra fast communication and power in one cable

EtherCAT P integrates the EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet protocol and peripheral voltage into one cable. In addition, EtherCAT P enables the direct forwarding of a power supply via the devices. The combination of high-performance EtherCAT communication and the flexible, unrestricted network topology options make EtherCAT P the ideal bus system for sensors, actuators and measurement technology. With this One Cable Automation solution, material and assembly costs are reduced and installation space is minimised for drag chains and control cabinets, which can result in a smaller machine footprint.

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EPPxxxx EtherCAT P Box

IP 67 modules with EtherCAT P: Communication and power in a single 4-wire standard Ethernet cable.

EtherCAT P

The one cable solution – One step closer to automation without control cabinets.