Feb 28, 2011

CP62xx “Economy” built-in Panel PC

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We deliver Panels and Industrial PCs for every application – with the latest technology for all performance classes.

Panel PCs

Panel PCs

The Beckhoff Panel PCs, in the versions as built-in devices or mounting arm devices in IP65, combine modern touch technologies with flexible computing power.


The CP62xx built-in Panel PC series is designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet. The CP62xx series combines the Beckhoff Control Panel design with state-of-the-art Industrial PC technology. The right display size and keyboard are available for every application. With their highly integrated 3½-inch motherboards, the CP62xx built-in Industrial PCs represent a high-performance platform for machine construction and plant engineering applications that can be used in conjunction with TwinCAT automation software under Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.