Nov 20, 2018

EuroBlech 2018: Beckhoff Trade Show TV

EuroBlech : Beckhoff Trade Show TV

At EuroBlech, PC- and cloud-based control specialists from Beckhoff demonstrated how easy system-integrated IoT and data analysis solutions can be implemented in sheet metal working applications.

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Distributed servo drive systems

Distributed servo drive systems

The highly efficient drive system for modular machines and machines without control cabinets combines servo drive and motor in one unit.


The TwinCAT Hydraulic Positioning is a PLC library for controlling hydraulic axes. It is manufacturer-independent and replaces external controllers. The most diverse applications and different axis control concepts are supported. The number of axes depends only on the performance of the PC.


The TwinCAT 3 Analytics Workbench is a TwinCAT 3 engineering product for the creation of continual data analyses from various spatially distributed machine controllers. The configuration of the workbench is integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio® and serves as the graphic user interface. Many algorithms are available in a toolbox for the configuration of the analysis:


TwinCAT 3 IoT Communication provides basic functionalities in the form of PLC libraries for sending and receiving data via the so-called MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol.

Sheet metal working

Sheet metal working

High performance built-in: PC-based control from Beckhoff for all control and drive applications in sheet metal working