TC1200 | TwinCAT 3 PLC

TwinCAT 3 PLC realizes one or more PLCs on an Industrial PC. The international standard IEC 61131-3 3rd is used to program the PLC; all programming languages described in this standard are supported. Various convenient debugging options facilitate troubleshooting and commissioning. Program modifications can be carried out at any times and in any size on-line, i.e. when the PLC is running. All variables are symbolically available via ADS and can be read and written in corresponding applications.


  • process image size, flag range, program size, POU size and number of variables are limited only by size of RAM
  • cycle times from 50 µs
  • link time: 1 µs/1000 lines of code (Intel® Core™ i processors)
  • IEC 61131-3: IL, FBD, LD, SFC, ST, CFC
  • object-oriented programming possible
  • online changes in programs and variables
  • online connection with PLC runtime system worldwide via TCP/IP or fieldbus
  • online monitoring of variables in variable lists, watch windows, editors
  • online status and powerflow (accumulator contents) of programs and instances
  • triggering, forcing and setting variables
  • powerful debugging with single cycle, break points, step in, step over, display of the current call stack, watchlist shows selection of variable, trace functions
  • online management of all variable names and structures across the whole system
  • remanent and persistent data, UPS supported storage on hard disk, storage in NOVRAM as option
  • variable reading and writing access via ADS, OPC
  • certified in accordance with PLCopen base level (IL/ST)
  • structured programming with modular program management
  • optional source code storage in the target system
  • convenient library management
  • powerful compiler with incremental compilation for different target systems
  • all common data types, structures, arrays, including multi-dimensional arrays
  • convenient creation of programs with: autoformat, autodeclare, cross-reference, search/replace, project comparison
  • simple linking to source code administration tools by embedding in Microsoft Visual Studio®

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