Nov 25, 2019

SPS 2019: C6025 - Fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC

C6025: Fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC

The new C6025 IPC is an ideal choice for demanding control applications where green, sustainable IT is also a requirement.

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We deliver Panels and Industrial PCs for every application – with the latest technology for all performance classes.

C6xxx | Control cabinet Industrial PCs

The C66xx, C61xx und C62xx Industrial PC series, which are based on ATX standards, offer maximum flexibility with a wide range of PCI and PCIe slots.

C6025 | Fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC


The C6025 ultra-compact Industrial PC is designed as a fanless device and offers the high Intel® Core™ i computing power despite its small dimensions of 82 x 127 x 50 mm. The Intel® Core™ i U processors with up to four processor cores form the basis for this, because despite their Core™ i properties their power consumption is much lower compared with the other processors from the series.

C6025-0000 | Fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC



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