May 8, 2018

TC3 Bode Plot | For the optimization of the axis properties

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Our innovative drive technologies give you almost unlimited capabilities when it comes to realizing your application.


The TwinCAT 3 Scope View is a software oscilloscope for the graphic representation of signal curves in different chart types. These could be, for example, YT, XY, bar or digital charts. The Scope View Professional extends the Scope View Base version supplied with TwinCAT 3 XAE by additional functionalities. The field of application refers to processes that are to be tracked and monitored over a longer period of time.


The TwinCAT 3 Bode Plot Base is a standard tool in the TwinCAT Engineering for the optimization of drives. Due to the excitation on the drive axis to be examined, frequency response and phase are output graphically in the Bode Plot and as a result indicate possible optimizations. Several plots can be simulated and at the same time displayed. The tool is automatically installed as a standard tool with the TwinCAT 3 Engineering.