Jun 8, 2018

TC3 Drive Manager 2 for AX8000 Multi-axis servo system

The TC3 Drive Manager 2 is a tool for commissioning the new AX8000 Multi-axis servo system.

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AX8000 | Multi-axis servo system

AX8000 | Multi-axis servo system

The AX8000 is the space-saving solution for applications with more than two axes. Extensive TwinSAFE functions allow a safe machine design.


The TwinCAT 3 Drive Manager 2 is used for commissioning the AX8000 multi-axis servo system, AX5000 digital compact servo drive, AMP8000 distributed servo drive system, AMI8100 integrated servo drives or the EL72xx, EL74xx, EL70x7, ELM72xx, EP72xx and EJ72xx I/O components. It is optionally available as an integrated version in the TwinCAT automation platform or an update version independently of TwinCAT. The TwinCAT 3 Drive Manager 2 is integrated into a TwinCAT solution as a project and enables a separate assessment of power supply modules, axis modules and axis channels.