Mar 21, 2019

Hannover Messe 2019:


Six 6 degrees of freedom for maximum positioning flexibility. Find out how XPlanar revolutionises drive technology.

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XPlanar | Planar motor system

Multi mover 2D product movement with up to 6 degrees of freedom - levitating, contactless and intelligent!

APS900x | XPlanar starter kits


The XPlanar starter kits are complete XPlanar systems for a quick entry into the non-contact product handling of tomorrow. In order to conserve valuable development resources, the starter kits are delivered fully assembled and tested. They include the tiles, the machine bed, the movers and the Industrial PC as well as a software example. After opening the transport box, the user can immediately commence with the first tests.


Our innovative drive technologies give you almost unlimited capabilities when it comes to realizing your application.