Easy engineering with TwinCAT Wind

TwinCAT Wind Framework

With the TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework Beckhoff sets a milestone in the engineering of wind turbines. The software framework incorporates all basic functions from management through state machine, event management and database connection to simulations. It will enable manufacturers to quickly and easily program their wind turbines themselves. A ready-to-use application template reduces development time and costs and facilitates modular engineering. This not only saves work resources and cuts costs, it also reduces the time-to-market.


TF8310 | TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework

TF8310 | TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework

The TwinCAT 3 Wind Framework is based on the modular architecture of TwinCAT 3 and provides control technology and industry expertise for wind turbines in the form of encapsulated modules and an application template. These TwinCAT Modules provide higher-level system services.