TF5290 | TwinCAT 3 CNC Cutting Plus

TwinCAT 3 CNC Cutting Plus is a technology package and enhances the CNC functionality for cutting.


Automatic lifting/lowering of an axis (lifts)

  • block-overlapping automatic lifting and lowering of an axis
  • to prevent collisions between the tool head and ridges or cut-out parts
  • jerk-limited profile without affecting the path speed


Microsteps, fast laser switching signal

  • highly accurate output of an M function (1 μs) at a certain position
  • use of timestamps
  • supports various types of synchronization
  • parameterization by configuration of the M functions or programming the M functions via NC programs


Tube transformation

  • multi-axis transformation for sheath surface processing
  • supports various profiles such as multi-edge pipes and profile pipes
  • processing of the programmed contour on the surface of the profile

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Regular delivery

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