TF6230 | TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)

The TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol provides a network connection according to IEC 62439-3 that can be used transparently by applications. This can be used both from real time and from operating system applications. The interface is designed with redundancy on the network side in the interests of higher availability overall.

For this purpose, two separate network interfaces are used per Industrial PC and the respective networks are set up separately on the basis of standard network components so that no component is used in both networks.

The protocol defines a redundant and transparent network connection, which can also be monitored and thus diagnosed. The diagnostics information is provided in TwinCAT and can be evaluated on an application-specific basis.

Product status:

Product announcement | estimated market release 1st quarter 2022

Product information

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