Connectors for field assembly


EtherCAT and fieldbus connectors

EtherCAT and Ethernet connectors with IDC or screw-type connections ensure the highest level of transmission quality.

Power connectors

Highly efficient connections for the transmission of the highest currents and voltages including IP protection.

Sensor connectors

Sensor and actuator connectors with smart connections in the most diverse form factors and in metal or plastic execution.

Hybrid connectors

The modular hybrid connectors developed by Beckhoff enable efficient and intuitive connecting and disconnecting.

Motor and feedback connectors

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the circular connectors for One Cable Technology enables stable high-capacity power transmission.

Full flexibility for field installation

Plug connectors from Beckhoff for field assembly are designed for fast, safe and convenient installation in the plant. A good match between yard goods and connectors ensures optimal connection. Each connector comes with a structured and simple assembly instruction, which is also available for download. As an extension to the written instructions, installation videos with useful tips are also available for some products.

The intuitive Poka-Yoke principle for error-free assembly was applied to all field-attachable connectors in compliance with the normative specifications. The freely configurable connectors meet the latest norms, standards, and guidelines and have numerous approvals such as UL/CSA (UL2236 and UL2237).

In addition to the field-configurable connectors, Beckhoff offers T and Y adapters, terminating resistors and inverting adapters (gender changer) for a wide range of connections in the field.


  • various designs, mating faces and numbers of contacts for the individual connection of the sizes RJ45, M8, M12, M23, M40, B12, B17, B23, and B40 in the field
  • visual and mechanical coding (A, B, D, L, P, and T-coding) for visual distinction and device protection
  • application-dependent versions of the plug connectors: straight, angled, pin, socket, flange, coupling, plug, shielded or unshielded, both metal and plastic
  • core connection options: IDC, insulation displacement, piercing, solder, crimp, and screw technology