Servo Drives accessories


AX8000 accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the motion product range.

AX5000 accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the motion product range.

AMP8000 accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the motion product range.

AMI8100 accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the motion product range.

AA1000 accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the motion product range.

The safe connection for every application

As a specialist in PC-based control technology, Beckhoff has been developing, designing, and manufacturing high-quality I/O and motion components for decades. Existing know-how and technologies are subject to consistent optimization. This is reflected, among other things, in a complete and tried-and-tested portfolio of accessories, with which all I/O, Industrial PC, and motion solutions are optimally integrated into the control architecture. With the I/O, Industrial PC, and motion accessories, customers benefit directly from high-end technology, Made in Germany: from motor and communication cables to sensor, power, and hybrid cables.

Preassembled cables of the highest quality standard for drive technology

The cable assemblies are 100 % electrically, mechanically, and optically tested and have at least one pre-installed connector. An individual batch number is assigned to ensure the quality of these products. This ensures complete traceability and the use of the appropriate material for assembly. In addition to the simple configuration check and visual inspection of the product, advanced tests are carried out, such as high-voltage tests to locate damage to the core insulation or a resistance test to check the correct cable length.

For servo drive technology, a high-quality, reliable connection is one of the most important components in the drive system. A reliable and clean assembly of the connectors is just as essential as EMC-stable and tested goods sold by the meter.


  • Protection classes IP 65/IP 67 – suitable for industrial environments
  • UL/CSA-approved materials
  • perfect 360° shield connection for optimum electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • sturdy for higher shock and vibration requirements
  • fast cabling thanks to screw coupling and quick coupling

Brake resistors

During the braking process of the motor load, kinetic energy is converted and routed as electrical energy via the DC bus into the DC-Link capacitor. Depending on the drive system, the capacitors installed directly in the drive or in the power supply module store this energy in order to make it available to the system for new acceleration processes. The increasing DC-Link voltage must be limited if the capacitance of the capacitors in the system is not sufficient. This is done by applying the DC-Link voltage to brake resistors in order to convert excess energy into heat and thus to safely limit the DC-Link voltage. An integrated brake resistor is installed in our power supply modules as an option. If this is insufficient, AX2090-BWxx external brake resistors can be connected to the system. With the help of the Motion Designer, the braking power for a system – consisting of several drives – can be calculated and it is possible to determine whether the internal built-in capacitance and the braking power is sufficient for the application. If necessary, the Motion Designer proposes a suitable brake resistor.

Mains filters and mains chokes

The industry is demanding high-quality accessories due to the use of ever faster and more sophisticated servo drives in all areas of machine, plant, and apparatus manufacturing. Compliance with EMC guidelines and safe operation of the drive are ensured by the use of the Beckhoff accessories. Suitable mains filters from the accessories portfolio are suitable for compliance with even stricter requirements. Suitable mains chokes are available to limit recharging currents in larger drives and drive systems.

Motor chokes

Shielded motor cables are required in order to reduce interference emission. This shield has a capacitance that increases linearly with the motor cable length and causes an uncontrolled oscillation of the current from a specific length onward. For attenuation, appropriate compensation capacitors, which reliably suppress the oscillations up to a certain motor cable length, are installed in the servo drives. If the maximum motor cable length, which differs depending on the servo drive, is not sufficient, external compensation measures must be provided. This is done with the help of our motor chokes, which have been specially developed in connection with our motor cables, motors, and servo drives. They attenuate the oscillations of the current up to a higher maximum motor cable length specified in the respective technical data.