TwinSAFE safe drive technology

In the field of drive technology, TwinSAFE offers safe drive functions in two different ranges of functions. For standard drive technology (100…480 V AC) the AX5000 and AX8000 servo drive series are available along with the AMP8000 and AMI8100 distributed servo drive system – either with TwinSAFE STO/SS1 or TwinSAFE Safe Motion. Depending on the product, the functionality can be realized via secure FSoE communication, with direct wiring or locally in the servo drive using the integrated TwinSAFE Logic.

  FSoE hard-wired integrated TwinSAFE Logic
AX8000 STO/SS1 + Safe Motion STO/SS1 yes
AX5000 STO/SS1 + Safe Motion STO/SS1 -
AMP8000 STO/SS1 + Safe Motion - yes
AMI8100 STO/SS1 STO/SS1 yes
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