AL2000 | Linear Servomotors

Compact power packages

The 3-phase linear synchronous servomotors of the AL2000 series consist of a primary part and a secondary part. The primary part contains a grooved, laminated core with inlaid copper windings. It is generally used as the moving part. The secondary part contains the steel plate with attached permanent magnets.

In total, the linear servomotor portfolio contains three series: AL24xx (50 mm), AL20xx (80 mm) and AL28xx (130 mm). The primary and secondary parts of a series have an identical width, so that all linear motors from a series can be operated on the same magnetic plates and the respective magnetic plates can be combined as desired.

The magnetic plates are fully potted and have a virtually flat and sturdy surface. The linear motors are also potted and achieve protection class IP 64, as a result of which they are suitable for use in harsher environments. The AL2000 linear motor series offers a wide power spectrum with peak forces up to 6750 N and maximum speeds of up to 12 m/s. In particular the AL28xx series is suitable for the highest force demands due to the optional water cooling.

The primary parts are equipped with two cables, one for the power supply and one for the thermal protection contact. The cables are optionally available with pre-assembled connectors.

In combination with the AX5000 servo drive, the AL2000 linear motors can be connected either directly or via the connector box with the ZK4500-002x cables. The use of the connector box is necessary for the operation of the AX8000 multi-axis servo system. The standard ZK4800-802x motor cables are used for the connection. The use of the connector box considerably reduces the cabling work and largely contributes to the avoidance of errors.

In conjunction with the AX5000 and AX8000 servo drives, the linear motors from the AL2000 series are particularly suitable for dynamic movements requiring powerful acceleration values over short distances and high positioning accuracy. All motors from the AL2000 series have the same pole spacing of 24 mm.


  • Accelerations up to 30 g
  • No mechanical wear
  • Complete absence of free play, giving stiff control behavior
  • Highly precise positioning
  • Even, immediate force, little cogging
  • Very low thermal resistance, therefore higher usable power
  • Protection from thermal overload through integrated temperature sensors
  • Operation on AX5000 or AX8000 simplified through default values

AL2200 non-scaled feedback system (MES) for linear motors

An MES system is offered as an accessory that detects the magnetic field of the permanent magnets of the magnetic plate. With the help of the built-in electronics, it supplies the AX5000 servo drive with the incremental encoder signals for commutation as well as velocity and position control. The MES supplies one analog sine wave per 24-mm pole pitch and has an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

AL225x Connector box

The AL225x connector boxes facilitate wiring between linear motor and the servo drive. The non-assembled motor, feedback and thermal protection cables are connected to one side. The pre-assembled motor and encoder cables are connected to the other side of the boxes so that only two cables have to be laid for the additional connection to the control cabinet.

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