First steps with XTS

By using XTS, systems can become much more compact and efficient. A good understanding of the technology is necessary to make the best use of the advantages. Beckhoff offers different ways to get started quickly with this innovative system. In addition to personal sales contacts and your local XTS product specialist, a full range of training opportunities, starter kits, turnkey function modules and application programming is available. A special XTS training program forms the basis for developing expertise at different levels – from mechanics to programming. The acquired skills can be deepened with a functional test setup for the office, the XTS starter kit, which enables the planned application to be verified. Beckhoff offers turnkey function modules for using XTS technology in your system. These consist of a mechanical structure including a guide rail system, XTS motor modules and a control cabinet that is adapted to the application requirements. The offer is complemented by support from Beckhoff engineers for application programming. These choices are available individually or in combination, thus offering individual entry opportunities.

The use of XTS makes novel and innovative systems possible. So that customers can take full advantage of the overall solution and thus secure a competitive advantage, Beckhoff offers turnkey function modules. The scope of services ranges from planning support and the mechanical setup of the XTS components to the electrical installation and the application software according to customer specifications.

Turnkey function modules as a plug-and-play solution

With a turnkey function module, customers get a ready-to-operate XTS system: motor modules, guide rails and movers are available as a complete unit – optionally with individually manufactured control cabinets for controlling the entire application and supporting assembly activities on site. Before delivery, a functional test is performed of all components in interaction. The tested overall system significantly reduces potential sources of error. Further advantages are the central Beckhoff contact and the costs, which are calculable thanks to the overall solution.

Fast project implementation reduces time-to-market

Beckhoff's extensive experience with several hundred XTS applications enables the direct and simple implementation of prototypes. This allows the user to concentrate on his core competencies and minimizes the induction times. At the same time, first experiences with XTS technology can be gained. The skills acquired in this process can also be the basis for the independent implementation of further projects.

As mechatronic XTS units, the XTS starter kits enable a plug-and-play solution for the office. The starter kit contains all the required individual components as a basis for a quick and easy introduction to the technology. Motor modules with guide rails and movers are fully assembled on a support frame. The kit includes a control cabinet, an Industrial PC, and the required software packages and provides a ready-to-operate system. This overall package is complemented by one day of support and programming assistance with a Beckhoff application engineer.

First mover movements possible with little effort

Assuming basic knowledge of motion control and practical experience with TwinCAT is available, the starter kit can be commissioned in a few minutes. System concepts and the interaction with individual system modules can be verified. In addition, initial experience is gained with your own mover superstructures as well as transported goods. A preliminary test of the later program sequence is possible.

A wide range of applications can be realized with the starter kit

In addition to an introduction to the technology, the starter kit offers practical applications options. The advantages of the XTS can be demonstrated using a real-life system. The starter kit can also be used as a training system for competence building. It is also conceivable to use the motor modules and the control cabinet beyond the scope described above, so that the components of the starter kit can be utilized on an ongoing basis.

AT2000-xx00 | XTS starter kits

Further information can be found on the AT2000-xx00 product page.

Depending on the type of XTS application, different solution approaches for the XTS control software are available. Beckhoff has gained extensive experience in the use of XTS over many years and offers support for application programming if required. The scope can consist of partial solutions, large functional units or fully tested systems. Contact us for a solution that meets your needs.

A comprehensive training program offered by Beckhoff enables rapid development of expertise at various levels. Practical XTS training courses with different emphasis offer opportunities not only for the implementer but also for maintenance and service personnel. The contents are specially adapted to the respective field of application. XTS training for basic configuration and programming builds on basic knowledge in the field of motion control and provides advanced knowledge for programming XTS systems. XTS training for maintenance, repair, and service is based on basic knowledge of PLC and servo systems. This training focuses on XTS system diagnostics and potential mechanical and electrical fault patterns.