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Easy implementation of multi-axis systems

The MX-System with the MD8000 servo drives and MD3000 frequency inverters opens up new possibilities for modular machine concepts without control cabinets. Due to the high protection class of IP67 and the extensive module portfolio, it is possible to integrate the MX-System directly into the machine and to completely eliminate control cabinets. This leads to a significant reduction of the machine footprint and thus to an increase in productivity per sqm in production.

With the MX-System, multi-axis systems can be implemented in a simple, modular and space-saving manner. For this purpose, an MD6000 DC link power supply unit is mounted on the MBxxxx baseplate behind the MS1000 power supply module. With the DC link power supply, the AC voltage of the supply network is rectified and made available to the following axis modules. For the axis modules, you can choose between servo drives from the MD8000 series and frequency inverters of the MD3000 series. Both variants are available with single and dual channel versions. In this way, a multi-axis system for controlling servo and asynchronous motors can be created in a very space-saving and effective manner.

Motors generate regenerative energy when they decelerate. This is stored in the system's common DC link and is available again for subsequent acceleration processes. This ensures that the energy supplied is used in the best possible way.

Optionally the system can be expanded by using a MD9000 storage module. The storage module increases the energy storage capacity of the system and thereby reduces the required connected load.

For optional expansion of the MX-System, the system components of the AMP8000 system can be connected to an output of the MD6000 DC link power supply. This gives you an ideal solution for modular machine concepts without control cabinets.

One Cable Technology (OCT)

In 2011 Beckhoff introduced One Cable Technology for servomotors under the name OCT. This technology has revolutionized the servo market to this day because only one connection cable is required for motor current and encoder feedback. The MD8000 series servo drives in the MX-System support OCT, the One Cable Technology for power and feedback. In connection with the servomotors of the series AM8000 (standard), AM8500 (increased inertia), AM8700 (anodized surface) and AM8800 (stainless steel) the cabling is reduced to the obligatory motor cable, through which the feedback signals are also transmitted. As with sensorless control, there is no need for an additional feedback cable. All necessary information for control is transmitted interference-free and reliably by means of a digital interface.

Drive-integrated safety functions

The MD3000 series frequency inverters with TwinSAFE support the drive-integrated safety functions STO and SS1 and meet the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (Cat. 3, PL d) and EN61508:2010 (SIL 2).

The MD8000 series servo drive with TwinSAFE supports drive-integrated safety functions and meets the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (up to Cat 4, PL e) and EN 61508:2010 (up to SIL 3).

The following TwinSAFE safety functions are supported:

  • stop functions (STO, SOS, SS1, SS2)
  • speed functions (SLS, SSM, SSR, SMS) with up to 8 speeds
  • position functions (SLP, SCA, SLI) with reference cams
  • acceleration functions (SAR, SMA)
  • direction of rotation functions (SDIp, SDIn)
  • brake function (SBC, SBT)

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