Advantages throughout the entire machine life cycle

The MX-System integrates benefits over the full machine life cycle – from the initial planning of the machine through to series production: All work is reduced significantly. Cable lengths and the production area are also reduced, while machine availability is increased at the same time.

The advantages of the MX-System can be stated for each of these phases:

  • engineering
  • system set-up
  • electrical installation on the machine
  • service, repair and maintenance

The harmonized product portfolio means that the electrical equipment of machines and systems can be designed according to modular principles. As far fewer components are needed to implement these requirements than would be in traditional control cabinet design, the entire MX-System is more compact. Decentralized control concepts become feasible. Users are given a solution for UL, CSA and IEC that integrates functions such as safety, diagnostics and electronic fusing directly into the function modules.

Structure of the system
In contrast to the classic control cabinet, neither housing nor manual wiring are necessary. The standardized interfaces of the MX-System enable an effortless plug-and-play principle, in which all function modules can be easily plugged onto the baseplate. The installation time for a classic control cabinet can be drastically reduced with the MX-System. Installation can be carried out in-house by non-electricians, eliminating the need for external cabinet assembly and associated logistics. Errors in the wiring of the control cabinet are excluded.

Electrical installation on the machine
The compact MX-System can be integrated directly into the machine installation space, thus reducing the machine's footprint and shortening cable routes to the process level. Users benefit from the fast plug-and-play installation of all cables thanks to ECP/ENP cables and connectors, which prevent installation errors. Electrical installation work can be carried out by qualified mechanics as part of the mechanical installation; qualified electricians are not required for the installation work. The space required for electrical components and cables is significantly reduced.

Service, repair and maintenance
The fully integrated, non-intrusive EtherCAT components enable comprehensive system diagnostics at any time. This can be performed by non-electricians – no need to open a control cabinet. Fault localization for the module, cable or device is simplified. The modular system and the simple plug-and-play principle also enable a defective module to be replaced quickly and easily during operation, even by non-specialist personnel. This offers an enormous time advantage, especially for the end user/machine operator.

The MX-System in comparison

1) Compared with a control cabinet, the number of components is reduced by a divisor of 10 with the MX-System.

  Control cabinet MX-System
Scope of circuit diagram 300 pages 30 pages
Assembly time 24 h 1 h
Personnel expenses 5 electricians 1 non-specialist
Number of components 1001) 101)


Product Manager Paula Göbel presents the system advantages of the MX-System
Product Manager Paula Göbel presents the system advantages of the MX-System