TR2022 | TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC with Motion

The focus of this training is Point-to-Point motion control within TwinCAT. NC configuration and programming with the TcMC2 library will be discussed in detail. This class is not suitable for beginners.


High level maintenance personnel and engineers responsible for TwinCAT-enabled machinery with Motion Control.


Students are expected to know how to “Scan Devices” in the System Manager and have an understanding of using “Function Blocks” in the PLC. This class will require the customer to write their own code using CASE statements. If you have little to no experience with TwinCAT then you should take the TR1020 or TR1025 class first.

Class times

9:00AM - 5:00PM

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TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC with Motion
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Training duration
3 days