TR7060 | TwinCAT 3 Training: Extended training TwinCAT HMI

This training course focuses on developing TwinCAT HMI Controls and Server Extensions. It is aimed at TwinCAT HMI users who want to learn about the extension options of the TwinCAT HMI.


  • presentation of the TwinCAT HMI Framework and the Framework API
  • integration of JavaScript (CodeBehind) to access functions of the TwinCAT HMI by means of Script
  • creation of user-specific Framework Controls by means of HMTL, CSS and JavaScript
  • creation of the TwinCAT HMI Server and Extension API
  • creation of user-specific Server Extensions in C#


  • Customers are expected to have good computer skills.
  • Experience with high-level languages.
  • Attended TR7050.
  • Highly recommended to know and have experience with JavaScript and C#.

Class times

  • 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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TwinCAT 3 Training: Extended training TwinCAT HMI
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Training duration
1 day