Impressions Tire Technology Expo 2019

Beckhoff at Tire Technology Expo 2019

After three successful days, the Tire Technology Expo trade show in Hanover came to an end on 7 March 2019. “The international trade show offers an outstanding platform to reinforce our international customer relationships and establish contact with both end customers and machine manufacturers. With the presentation of our modular, scalable and space-saving automation solutions based on PC control, we address the key requirements of the industry with regard to flexibility, cost optimisation and reduction of the machine footprint. Important aspects, in particular from the end customers’ perspective, include the worldwide presence, service, support and availability offered by Beckhoff,” explains Klaus Büttner, Business Management Tire Industry at Beckhoff.

The ultra-compact C60xx Industrial PC series was one of the much frequented attractions among visitors at the Beckhoff booth: “Due to its scalability in terms of performance and interface variety as well as its compact design, customers can configure their control systems to precisely match their needs. The AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system developed by Beckhoff integrates the servo amplifier directly into the motor with the aim of increasing flexibility while reducing the machine’s space requirements and ensuring less installation work. By relocating the power electronics directly on the machine, the control cabinet needs to house only a single coupling module that supplies multiple servo drives with a single cable via a distribution module. This not only reduces costs but also enables modular and space-saving machine concepts,” says Klaus Büttner.

The Beckhoff TwinSAFE safety control system is also consistently designed for modularity and scalability: The intelligence of the entire safety application can be distributed via the safety-relevant I/O modules with TwinSAFE Logic capability. This enables more efficient modularisation along with best-possible adaptation to the specific safety requirements of individual machine concepts. “Issues relating to Industrie 4.0 and cloud-supported automation were also a major source of discussion,” emphasises Klaus Büttner. “Beckhoff offers a system-integrated solution for cloud connection, allowing end customers to utilise efficient and secure IoT concepts and increase their competitiveness.”

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