EL9820 EtherCAT evaluation kit

EL9820 | EtherCAT evaluation kit

The evaluation kit serves as platform for the development of EtherCAT slaves. The piggyback controller board supplied with the kit realises the complete EtherCAT connection with the ASIC ET1100. All digital I/O, SPI and asynchronous μController process data interfaces (PDIs) are connected to pin strips and can be selected via PDI selector switch. The SPI interface can optionally be connected with a PIC microcontroller included with the kit or directly to the pin strip. A programming and debugging interface for the controller is also provided. The EL9820 can therefore also be used as platform for the ET9300 EtherCAT Slave Stack Code provided with the evaluation kits.

Technical data EL9820
Evaluation kit base board
EtherCAT Slave Controller ASIC ET1100
EtherCAT piggyback controller board FB1111-0142 with ASIC ET1100
Software EtherCAT Slave Stack Code ET9300
Accessories cables, documentation
Workshop optionally available as TR8100
Further information  
ET9300 license for using the EtherCAT Slave Stack Code
(free download from Beckhoff website via Member Area of the EtherCAT Technology Group web page)
TE1000 TC3 Engineering