4-channel analog input terminal -20/0/+4…+20 mA, 24 bit, 10 ksps ELM3104-0000
XFC – eXtreme Fast Control
extended temperature range
current measurement

ELM3104-0000 | 4-channel analog input terminal -20/0/+4…+20 mA, 24 bit, 10 ksps

The ELM310x EtherCAT Terminals are designed for flexible current measurement in the range from -20 to +20 mA. They offer selectable measuring ranges of -20/0/4 to ±20 mA as well as current measurement according to NAMUR NE43.

The measuring range is selected in the CoE, as are the other setting options such as the filter parameters. Irrespective of the signal configuration, all ELM modules have the same technological properties. The ELM310x modules for current measurement offer a maximum sampling rate of 10,000 or 20,000 samples per second. The 2-pin plug (push-in) can be removed for maintenance purposes without releasing the individual wires.

Available on request as variant with factory calibration certificate or ISO 17025-/DAkkS-compliant certificate including Beckhoff recalibration service.

Features ELM310x
Current measurement ±20 mA, 0/4…20 mA, NAMUR NE43 (2-wire connection)
Technical data ELM3104-0000
Number of channels 4
Technology current measurement
Signal type differential
Connection technology 2-wire
Connection type push-in, service plug 2-pin
Max. sampling rate max. 100 µs/10 ksps (per channel, simultaneously)
Oversampling factor n = 1…100 selectable (max. 10 ksamples/s)
Internal resistance 150 Ω (current)
Measuring error up to typ. < ±100 ppm/±0.01 % relative to the respective full scale value
Temperature coefficient typ. < 10 ppm/K
Functional diagnostics yes
Connection diagnostics recommendation: 4…20 mA mode
Distributed clocks yes, accuracy << 1 µs
Resolution 24 bit (incl. sign)
Current consumption power contacts
Current consumption E-bus typ. 490 mA
Weight approx. 350 g
Operating/storage temperature -25…+60 °C/-40…+85 °C
Thermal dissipation typ. 3 W
Special features ExtendedRange 107 %, free numeric filter, TrueRMS, integrator/differentiator, non-linear scaling, PeakHold
Approvals/markings CE, UL
ZS9100-0002 shield connection for ELM series, shield diameter 7…16 mm
ZS9100-0003 shielding hood for EtherCAT measurement modules with push-in connector (ELM3xxx-0000), to provide shielding against external interference and temperature stabilisation at the measuring points when measuring temperature, black, scope of supply: shielding hood, screws, tie wraps