FC9361 PROFINET IRT device PC interface card (Slave)

FC9361 | PROFINET IRT device PC interface card (Slave)

Technical data FC9361-0010
Fieldbus PROFINET RT/IRT device
Type compact PCIe for Beckhoff Industrial PCs
Technology slave
Number of fieldbus channels 1
Data transfer rates 100 Mbit/s
Interface to the PC PCIe (PCI Express)
Bus interface 2 x RJ45 (switched)
Communication device functionality (slave)
Hardware diagnosis 2 LEDs per channel
Operating temperature 0…+55 °C
Driver TwinCAT 3.1 Build 4022 and higher levels
Ordering information
FC9361-0010 PROFINET IRT device PCIe module for PCs with Beckhoff PCIe module slots, 1-channel, PCI Express x1 bus
PROFINET For further PROFINET products please see the system overview.
Product announcement
estimated market release on request