TE1120 | TC3 XCAD Interface 2

TC3 XCAD Interface 2 is the latest interface between ECAD tools and TwinCAT 3. With the help of the standardized AutomationML format (AML), I/O topologies created in ECAD tools can be imported into TwinCAT and automatically created, saving time and effort for manual transfers.

On the basis of the AML format it is possible to exchange data incrementally and bidirectionally. This means that an import into TwinCAT can be done at a very early stage of the electrical design and can be simply updated at any time. If changes to the I/O topology should become necessary, for example during the commissioning, they can be transferred back to the ECAD tool via AML. Change management is thus considerably simplified.

With the help of the CreateGVLWithLinks plugin, a PLC project with a GVL can be created when importing the AML file (based on the TagTable that it contains), whose variables are already connected with I/O channels. Complicated manual linking is not necessary.

TwinCAT 3 XCAD Interface 2 supports the existing Beckhoff XML format, which means that the new version can be used for new projects without an update on the ECAD tool side.

TE1120 | TC3 XCAD Interface 2

Technical data TE1120
Required TC1000
Target system Windows 7/8/10
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TE1120 TC3 XCAD Interface 2