TE1130 | TC3 CAD Simulation Interface

The TC3 CAD Simulation Interface is a user-friendly tool that can be used to configure a link between TwinCAT and a 3D CAD system. The aim of this connection is a software-in-the-loop simulation (SiL) of the intended sequence on a machine or system to support virtual commissioning.

The 3D simulation of machine and system components is a key element in the implementation of virtual commissioning. In the simulation, the movements and interactions of all individual installed components are represented in combination, so that collisions as well as critical system states can be determined in advance. In addition, simulation can be used to train operators and maintenance personnel in advance for regular operation and to define troubleshooting instructions based on simulated critical machine states. Another typical application would be presales training courses on machines or machine components for sales personnel using 3D simulations.

The TC3 CAD Simulation interface facilitates the implementation of a 3D simulation, in that it uses the design data of the CAD tool and establishes links to the corresponding automation data. As usual, convenient drag-and-drop functions can be used for link configuration. The parameterisation can be extended to map complex relationships if required. This means that software-in-the-loop simulation of machines, systems or installed components is easily and conveniently possible, even in the event of system expansions.

TE1130 | TC3 CAD Simulation Interface

Technical data TE1130
Required TC1000
Supported CAD systems Autodesk® Inventor®, others in preparation
Target system Windows 7/8/10
Ordering information
TE1130 TC3 CAD Simulation Interface
Product announcement
estimated market release 3rd quarter 2020